College men may lack gynecologic knowled

College men may lack gynecologic knowledge

Publish date: APR 04, 2013
By: Contemporary OB/GYN Staff

NOOOO!!! REALLY!! Who would have guessed!
A study focusing on gender-based differences in gynecologic knowledge among college students has found that college men have less gynecologic knowledge than do college women.

The study appears on the website of the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology and was in press at the time of this newsletter.

Researchers including Paula J. Adams Hillard, MD, a member of the Contemporary OB/GYN editorial board, administered a survey to assess knowledge of sex, contraception, and female anatomy to college students at a Midwestern university during the spring 2010 semester.

The survey included demographic and behavioral questions, 9 general gynecology knowledge items, and 11 female anatomy items.

The 236 respondents included 98 men and 138 women aged 18 to 36.

Women scored higher than men on 19 of 20 items, with mean total scores of 13.4 versus 10.1 (P< .01). Gynecologic knowledge scores were higher among those who reported having been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) (P=.13) and among those whose parents had discussed anatomy with them (P=.07).

The researchers found that being male was associated with lower mean knowledge scores, whereas increasing age and having a parent who discussed anatomy were associated with greater knowledge scores, even while controlling for having a gynecologist parent, multiple sexual partners, and prior STI testing.

The researchers state in their conclusion, “College men have lower gynecologic knowledge than women. … Because men influence women’s reproductive choices, efforts to increase men’s knowledge are needed.”

Lets start by getting more of them to wear condoms. As a women's health provider who also see's male clients, I am astounded by how many of them just dont consistently wear condoms. My favorite answers: The condoms dont fit me (Yeah), I "know" the girls I take it off with (considers them a girlfriend after 3 weeks), No excuse at ALL!!! Amazing in this day and age, with all that is out there that many people still dont wear condoms consistently. We have to be sure that there is a clear understanding that, not everything is cured with a shot or a pill. We need be vigilant about educating our boys and girls, men and women about the importance of practicing safer sex!! All of our futures depend on it.


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